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Updated: Jan 3, 2020

It recently came to my attention that I only have the drive and motivation to post on my Instagram Feed (not to be confused with my Instagram Story) when I have something long and lengthy to say. Often times it's just me speaking to myself, convincing myself of my own world around me. Often times I find myself deleting half of the paragraph and rewriting a simpler more appealing version of what I want to really say. Obviously not every thought I have is a winning thought, a productive thought, or a even a helpful thought...nonetheless, I wanted to start blogging so that I'm able to express myself without feeling the need to erase my words or feel like I'm oversharing on someone's timeline. Which means...if you're reading this, it's because you want to be, not necessarily because you are scrolling past my photo on your feed, so thank you for that.

My intentions for this blog is to give my followers a little more insight to my life. I'd love to share a little bit of my backstory, where I came from, how I started art, and how I got to this point in my life. Not all at once, because, holy overload, but ya know... over time. In the mix of that whole story, I also want to share tips and tricks of painting, digital drawing, website building, network building, finding inspiration, finding motivation, and any other topics we can stir up. Because why not. If I can help you live your dream even in the slightest way, then the world is a better place because that's one less miserable person in this world.

Let me just say.... If that's your goal, to become a full time finally quit your job and get out of the corporate world (hell, even if you're not into art, but you have this creative idea for becoming your own boss) then let me be the first to say, this blog isn't going to paint a pretty picture for you. I'm going to challenge myself to be vulnerable and completely honest with you about the struggles I went through this year. Some of it is super ugly, but I can honestly look back and say that it was 10000% worth it, there was more smiles than cries. I'm a better human being because of it. No, not every day is sunshine...but on the days that I do see's overwhelmingly beautiful. Looking back, yeah there are certain things I would have done differently, but at the same time, I guess it all made me who I am today. CLICHE, ha! YES. But, there's a reason why cliche's are what they are. It's been said a thousand times because a thousand people felt the same way.

I am in no way claiming to be a writer, I've never thought of myself to be the type who is graceful with her words, and to be honest, most of this will be a lot of "organized" rambling with a boatload of grammatical errors. But....WHATEVS. Ya'll see me and my goofy nonsense on IG all the time, and if you somehow stumbled upon this post but you don't follow me on IG, first of all, weird. Second of all, go follow me. :) @chelsealewinski Feel free to leave a comment...if you have questions/topics/suggestions- let me know!

See ya next week.

Love & light,



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